Luïza Luz

Flourish & Collapse


Opening 28/6 from 7 pm

Performance by Luïza Luz at 8 pm

Exhibition 29/6 –25/7/23


Flourishing and Collapsing are complementary modalities, moments that alternate in the circular movement of life. New forms emerge from the decomposition of organic matter, which, if nourished, will come to flower. In death, the self dissolves, but life in a different form goes on.


How can we integrate experiences of loss and decay as fundamental aspects of our existence? Death does not negate life. However, extermination and annihilation do, as they represent a violent attack on the livelihood of all who are interconnected and interdependent in the planetary ecosystem. How can we nourish our practices, our actions, and storytelling so that we gain the courage to step back from this negation of life and toward a radical commitment to it? 


Flourish & Collapse proposes a move away from the idea of linear progress and back into the circular nature of life, regenerative practices and moments of healing against the fear of falling from the edge of the earth.    

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