„Asphaltwelten Part 2“
Between April 1 and 18 in 2021 the go plastic collective will go on a research trip for the second part of the series. In the cities of Dresden, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague and Usti n. L. artistic materials are designed, tested and shared with the public in form of short stays and joined by local artists. Together, a performance score is set in the form of filmic interventions in public space, connecting all cities with each other along the way. Accompanied by the soundtrack of Johannes Till, viewers can follow the output online on Zoom and Instagram.
The second part deals thematically with life outside: which environment do we seek and create for ourselves? Nomadism as a (out) live plan: opening up and occupying new, half-finished, broken, ruined, free, preserved spaces. Always on the go, always looking for the “right” shelter, always temporary.
General Credits:
Artistic Direction / Performance: Cindy Hammer & Susan Schubert
Performance (go plastic): Caroline Beach /Joseph Hernandez / Christian Novopavlovski / Rika Yotsumoto
Local artists:
Beatrix Simkó + Réka Oberfrank (Budapest), Silvia Svitekova + Karol Regeci + Lukas Zahy (Bratislava), Cat Jiménez + Hygin Delimat (Vienna), Tereza Lenerova + Martin Talaga (Prague), Tomas Janykpa + Tinka Vramova (Usti n.L.)
Visual material / costume: Alexandra Börner / Enrico Sutter / Lea Schweinfurth
Music / soundtrack: Johannes Till
Video / artistic documentation: Benjamin Schindler
Support / consulting: Frauke Wetzel
Editorial / controlling: Michaela Jarosch
Technical direction / Research: Benjamin Henrichs
Art-Work / web: Stephan Tautz
Distribution: Dirk Förster
All Live-Streams to watch here:

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