On the New

Viennese Scenes and Beyond – Part 2

What is going on in local art scenes, studios, and alternative exhibition spaces? And how can one exhibition capture the diversity of the production and presentation of art?

Belvedere 21 already explored these questions with the 2019 show On the New. Young Scenes in Vienna, developing a dynamic, collaborative format that involved multiple contributors and a shared curatorial authorship. In addition to presenting eighteen individual artistic positions, twelve Viennese project spaces hosted rotating exhibitions within the show, each kicked off with a ‘midissage’ (midway opening) complemented by discursive events and performances.

In 2023, On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond picks up this thread and expands on the original concept. In order to provide a broader view of contemporary approaches, strategies, and discourses, the survey now also includes artists and project spaces from other parts of Austria. In an expanded dynamic, the show presents fourty-four artists and twenty-four exhibitions within the exhibition—curated by individual project spaces—and thus offers fresh perspectives on what art can be today, on its themes, aesthetics, and forms of expression, and how it is perceived.

This polyphonic tracing of the "new"–despite the ambivalence this term and its function imply especially in contemporary art–presents no grand overview, but rather, an image of a growing entity without beginning or end, in perpetual flux.

Exhibitions within the exhibition curated by: DESSOUS, Kulturdrogerie, Laurenz, Magazin. space for contemporary architecture, periscope, Pinacoteca, Stiege13, WAF

Spaces 14 July to 24 August

Dessous, Vienna

Adam Cohen, Alessa Esteban, Alina Grabovsky, Andrey Bartenev, Angelo Pierlo, Anna Vasof, Anny Wass, Barbara Moura, Chucky Schuster, Daniel Mazanik, Denise Rudolf Frank, Elisa Schlifke, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Florian Appelt, Florian Lang, Frank Zitzmann, Ganaël Dumreicher, Georgij Melnikov, Gert Resinger, God’s Entertainment, Hannes Uhlenhaut, Hans Ahnert, Jari Genser, JJ Ramsauer, Johanna Seidel, Ju Aichinger, Kalina Horon, Karin Frank, Katharina Kawalle, Katrin S. Weidhofer, Konrad Hanke, Lieber Michael, Maria Pavlova, Mario Grubisic, Martin Grandits, Michael René Sell, Neda Nikolic, Niki Weitzer, Nikola Milojcevic, Olga Pastekova, Olga Vorobyova, Olivia Altmann, Olivier Hölzl, Omar Al-Kaissi, Osama Zatar, Philip Müller, Rade Petrasevic, Rebecca Merlic, Red Huemer, Samuel Ebner, Sophia Hückel, Sophia Süssmilch, Stefanie Sargnagel, Taro Meissner, Theresa Rothe, Valentina Schandl, Vanessa Mazanik, Viktoria Morgenstern, WeProductions, Yang Gang



Kulturdrogerie, Vienna

Elisabeth Falkinger, Luïza Luz, Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Anton Varga, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina), die raumarbeiterinnen (Simone Barlian, Theresa Muhl, Sophie Netzer, Kerstin Reyer), Payer Gabriel, Mother Of Pearl (Liza Dieckwisch, Jungwoon Kim, Ae Ran Kim, Klara Paterok), Markus Hiesleitner, Franz Tišek



Laurenz, Vienna

Hiroshi Takizawa, Bianca Pedrina



MAGAZIN. Space for contemporary architecture, Vienna

Dank Lloyd Wright





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